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At the Campus House of Prayer we believe that spiritual transformation moves at the speed of relationship. Each of our staff members intentionally interact and relate across ethnic, cultural and generational barriers that typically divide and isolate churches and communities. We'd love to hear about your spiritual journey, get to know you more, and even help you find a caring community of Christ-followers that will love you selflessly, help you understand your identity in Christ and value your unique gifts and calling.

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Gary Peacock, Director

A co-founder of the Campus House of Prayer in 2009, Gary serves as the CHOP Director and is passionate about gathering ministry leaders and students from UT and across Knoxville to pray together weekly and "co-mission" to transform their campus communities for Christ. He and his wife, Rhonda, have been married 38 years, serving together in Christian music, worship and collegiate ministry in Texas, Colorado and Tennessee.

Gary's Email: gary@utkchop.org

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Rhonda Peacock, Co-Founder

Rhonda’s heart is to see barriers separating God’s people removed so that the “commanded blessing” of unity in Psalms 133 becomes reality. A co-founder of the Campus House of Prayer at UT Knoxville, Rhonda networks multi-generational intercessors through a diverse coalition that is changing the spiritual atmosphere of our campus and city. An Interior Design graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art, she loves arts and crafts as well as being a mom of 4 and grand-mom of 5.

Rhonda's Email: rhonda@utkchop.org

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Ryan McCrillis, Campus Staff

Ryan joined the CHOP staff in 2016 after a 10 year military career and 6 years of study and service on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City with the Luke 18 Project.  There he met his amazing wife Heather, a Knoxville native. Ryan's heart for prayer and connecting with emerging leaders helps the CHOP relationally disciple a new generation of Kingdom-builders who want to live their faith successfully in the classroom as well as the boardroom. He is also Pastor for CHOP’s Military Christian Fellowship.

Ryan's email: ryan.mccrillis@utkchop.org