In the late-1990s groups of university students from campuses across the United States began meeting regularly to worship and pray for spiritual awakening and renewal at their respective colleges and universities.

Encouraged and resourced by Christian evangelical ministries like Campus Renewal, Passion, Youth With a Mission, Campus Crusade for Christ, Intervarsity and others, these worship and prayer gatherings quickly became a national movement that spread to the University of Tennessee. Where students from almost every evangelical Christian ministry joined together to foster a series of united gatherings called All Campus Worship and 100 Hours of Prayer. From these gatherings came a felt need and a decisive call by students and others for a place to pray and worship together on campus anytime day or night. 

God answered their prayers in 2009 when the Campus House of Prayer (CHOP) at UTK was established as a gathering place for united prayer and worship. Hundreds of students, campus and church ministry leaders utilized this space and place to strategically and collaboratively advance Christ’s Kingdom in accordance with God’s promised blessing of unity as recorded in Psalms 133 of Scripture. 

In mid-2017 Campus Renewal Ministries transitioned its mission focus away from planting and sustaining localized expressions of unity. A coalition of local former Campus Renewal ministry leaders, students, and other Christ-followers from across Knoxville came together to assume responsibility for the future spiritual growth, guidance and development of the CHOP.

Realizing its great effectiveness in uniting Christ-followers to better lead and serve their communities, this leadership coalition resolved to establish Knox CHOP – an organized community of faith that will continue to serve both the civic and collegiate communities of greater Knoxville TN through united prayer and mission while remaining true to the historic mission and purpose of Christ and His Church through discipleship, evangelism, sacraments, worship, prayer and fellowship.