Leader's Connect

       Leader's Connect

growing in relationship, humility and service to Christ, one another, our ministries and the  communities we serve

Are you a ministry leader feeling alone, isolated, discouraged? Looking for a way to increase your ministry's impact?

Every Wednesday morning at 10 am dozens of collegiate ministry leaders from UT and across the city gather at the CHOP for an extraordinary hour of prayer, planning and encouragement. 

Prayer binds us together with greater love for Christ, our mission field, one another and those we minister to.

Planning lets us think and act strategically as one in order to maximize our resources and amplify the gospel of Christ and His Kingdom throughout our collegiate communities.

Encouragement is a commitment to "bear one another's burden, and so fulfill the law of Christ" (Galatians 6:2)


Practicing these disciplines together each week moves us past "cosmetic" unity, across denominational and ecclesiastical boundaries, toward deeper understanding and greater value for our unique gifts and calling.

We like to call Leader's Connect "Transformation moving at the speed of relationship." 

Feel free to join us any Wednesday morning during the semester. For more info or to receive a weekly reminder, about Leader's Connect, email us at support@utkchop.org