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Collegiate Day of Prayer

The last Thursday of February is set aside annually as the national Collegiate Day of Prayer. Now more than ever, we need your united prayer for UT and for college campuses across America. 

Biblically and historically, united prayer has always been the means of grace to bridge the gap between a great need and a great awakening. This generation needs our unified prayers — please join us in praying for America's college campuses.
Imagine what could happen if two of you pray? or twenty? or two hundred? or two million? Join with thousands of intercessors coast-to-coast - adopt one of more campuses and commit to pray for them on February 25th. 

Better yet, sign up to host or participate in an hourly prayer vigil during our 24-hour prayergathering at the CHOP! (Click below to schedule your time and/or watch our two-minute CDOP video)

The Prayer Tent

Every day of finals from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. the C.H.O.P. partners with ministries and individuals all over Knoxville to pray for the students of the University of Tennessee during one of the most stressful weeks of the semester. A tent is set up on Pedestrian Walkway in front of Humanities inviting students to come and fill out a card with prayer requests. This card is then brought to a prayer team. 


To join us on campus to pray for our students, sign up here.

The CHOP Crawl

Our annual swimming fundraiser! The basic idea is that you swim laps for 30 minutes, and you try to get your friends and family to sponsor you per lap. For instance, someone might sponsor you for $1 per lap. 

If you are going to swim in this event, please sign up below.

A waiver form is required in order for you to participate. Please click the button below to access the report. Sign and bring it with you on the day of the event.

If you would like to SPONSOR one of our swimmers, sign up below